Outlook and trends for travel industry in health and wellness

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Outlook and Trends for Travel Industry in Health and Wellness Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Outlook and Trends for Travel Industry in Health and Wellness In the contemporary era, the travel industry is transforming with every passing day. Latest attitudes and inclinations related to health and wellness are indulging into it, which are making the tourism experience of tourists memorable. Several key trends of this kind are prevailing in the travel industry which is discussed below: Meditation Retreat The meditation retreat is another popular trend in the travel industry. People pay a lot for different types of meditation retreat packages. Pros and Repercussions Independent talked about research conducted at the University of Arizona. A computer scientist and a neuroscientist Schlanger (2015) conducted the experiment in which 45 human resource managers were observed and divided into three groups. The first group was given a mindfulness-based meditation coaching for about eight weeks. The second group was given body relaxation training for about eight weeks, while the third group was not trained at all. The results showed that the first group who had mindful meditation training was able to keep its focus for an extended period of time on a constant point as compared other two groups. In other words, the experiment concluded that mindful meditation is beneficial for people. In the same news article, Davidson, R. has been quoted who called meditation the “rewiring the brain” (Schlanger, 2015). People are becoming aware of benefits associated with meditation retreats and are willing to spend money on this instead of any regular vacations. It is

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