Outline the process for prepping a patient’s skin for EEG and EOG electrode application. Indicate patient situations that may require extra care or attention on the technician’s part. Discuss modifica

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Prepping Skin Name Institution Quality tracing requires a clean biophysical signal and minimization of artifact signals, which are best achieved with proper skin preparation and electrode attachment. This process helps to enhance the electrical conduction process. The skin is typically in “hair follicles, rough loose corneocytes, furrows, and sweat pores” (Crawford & Doherty, 2012, p. 34). There are inconsistencies in the manner in which the skin should be prepped before electrode application, but this paper integrates information from Marshall, Robertson, and Carno (2014) and Crawford and Doherty (2012). The steps involved to ensure high-quality recording and help prevent the occurrence of artifacts when prepping the skin include: Ensure the electrode site should be away from areas with a large amount of adipose tissue, major muscle tissue, or bony areas. Area should not be hairy because other than preventing proper adhesion of the electrode, hair reduces electrolyte contact and signal pickup. Razors are not recommended for this process because they might cause infection or skin injury. Removal of the stratum corneum to enable easy transmission of the electrical signals to the electrode. Abrasion of the stratum granulosum to minimize movement that might result in the development of an artifact, and skin impedance. Light abrasion, using a dry gauze wipe or disposable ultrafine grade sandpaper, helps to eliminate the loose dry portion of the horny cell layer. Dry towel or gauze pad should be used among individuals with sweaty or oily skin. However, to ensure the site is well-cleaned, mild soap is recommended. Only in extreme cases should an

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