Outline at least two (2) examples of both mechanical and physiological artifacts. Describe each in detail. Describe any unusual artifacts that you have encountered at your current clinical site. Discu

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Polysomnography Artifacts Name Institution Physiological Artifacts Movement Artifact These artifacts can obscure tracing if large movements are involvement. Small movement artifacts are evident on EEG and EOG channels, and they are attributed to a patient’s movement of his or her head only or to the high sensitivity that is typical of these recording channels. Thereby, they can be easily resolved if movement stops. Respiration Artifact Disruption of the signal, largely attributed to changes in body movements and position of the belts are associated with the occurrence of these artifacts. This kind of disruption gives rise to slow and rhythmic types of respiratory artifacts. On the other hand, there are slow or sharp waves that are attributed to the electrodes. Other than reducing movements and ensuring that the belts are fastened appropriately (Butkov, 2016). Mechanical Artifacts 60 Hz Artifact Various reasons give rise to this artifact including, lack of a ground electrode on the patient, poor electrode application, and high electrode impedance. These can be considered as the internal sources while ancillary equipment that has ungrounded circuits, fluorescent lighting, and tangled power cords lying next to the patient or jackbox cable are outside sources. The patient room should be well-shielded from these external sources while proper grounding of the electrodes is also beneficial. Electrode Bridge Artifact This artifact occurs when a substance, such as sweat, exacerbates low-impedance between two electrodes causing them to connect physically. It is mechanical in nature due to the fact that disruption of the electrical connection results in

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