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Act-Out-Cycle Name of Institution Name of Course Applying the act-out-cycle in classroom Children start at a calm phase but something happens in their environment that triggers them hence starting acting out cycle. It involves the following steps the phase calm, trigger, agitation, and acceleration (Colvin 2015). Following these steps is the peak and de-escalation. Recovery is the last step. An example of this is when a grade four student happens to be playing in the housekeeping zone then some girls, his classmates move close to him to play together. He then makes an angry face and starts to move their things away from the table. This happens without any teacher’s knowhow. The student then acts uncontrollably since his peers are unable to control him (Colvin 2015). As a teacher, once agitation is noticed in children, a strategy to assist them to avoid or manage their triggers is adopted. As an educated person, you have to focus on removing attention that is excess. The student should be helped to regain composure and show corporation with requests that are neutral. As a teacher allow the student enough time to cool down. Before proceeding, you have to make sure that the student has gained enough control. You have to adopt a less tense appearance and normal breathing. Make sure that the student is willing to agree to small requests. If you notice such agitation in children, the best thing to do is to prevent it. Paying great attention to children’s triggers and agitation phases reduces a lot of such problems (Conklin 2010). Other strategies that people can adapt to reduce such challenging situations in children are through understanding their courses.

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