Our Future is Bright.

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The future is bright Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Skai Jackson, 16 To date, Skai is only 16 years, and she has become one of the greatest actors in the U.S. She is starring in many Disney movies much to the like of many but also hates in other quarters. She is the modern day girl who came up and fought cyberbullying. She has encouraged many young girls and boys who have been victims of the crime to come and fight it. She achieved this at the age of 14 and today many teenagers look up to her. Many young girls have been bullied in the cyberspace, but they always opt to keep quiet despite the psychological torture that comes with it. Unlike them, Skai decided to not to hold back and put off one of the greatest cyberbullies. The bully decided to talk ill of her body in general. She came up strongly and fought it off, and since then she has given young girls the courage to come out publicly and condemn the cyberbullies. She has appeared in many videos, and talk shows to encourage the young girls to stand up and face the bullies (Ceron, 2016). Also, the young girl recently started a campaign called the ‘THE NO KID HUNGRY.’ The campaign aims at providing all children with much-needed nutrition. According to her, no child should be left hungry. It is a national campaign that is aimed at reaching out to all children by providing them with food. She has encouraged many to come and join her initiative which is to help the needy by providing them with the most basic life need, food. It is through self-acceptance and staying positive that has made her successful. Reference Cerón, E. (2016). Skai Jackson Just Stood Up to the Internet's Biggest Bully in

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