othering, or culture hybridity, or transculturation (any one)

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Transculturation Increased globalization in the world has resulted into increased interactions between different communities of varying sociocultural backgrounds. Communities, therefore, are influencing each other’s cultural dimensions. Various scholars have proposed that such interactions have led to the complete assimilation of minority groups into the dominant culture while others have argued that dominant cultures only influence the minority groups into transforming their cultures into more adaptable models a process normally referred to as transculturation (Rodriquez 46). It is important to point out that transculturation means more in meaning that than the mere transition that may occur from one culture to another. The term is thus not just restricted to the acquisition of one culture (acculturation) or the loss of a culture previously in existence (deculturization). Transculturation, therefore, does not only merge the concepts, but it also embodies ideas of the consequential creation of the resultant culture (neoculturation). Fernando Ortiz is credited with coining the term in his revolutionary work “Cuban Counterpoint” that focused on the description of the negotiations and clashes that various cultures experience in the process of encountering one another. Ortiz’s work is considerably instrumental in the development of present-day models used in the comprehension of cultural dynamics as far as assimilation, association, resistance and adjustments are concerned. In assessing the views and experiences of Richard Rodriquez, in his article "On Becoming Chicano," the text intends ideal approaches as far as

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