Osteoporosis and Role Theory

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Title Name: Institution: Osteoporosis and Role Theory Osteoporosis is a health condition that is associated with the decreased density of bone and weakening of bone microstructure that leads to the increased risk of fracture. Currently, the Osteoporosis health condition poses major health implications in the global society. The disease is recognized as a silent disease because its symptoms cannot be seen or observed. Some of the symptoms that can be observed are the regular experience of back pain, weight loss, and experiencing a hunched back. Despite the understanding that the condition may not be fatal, it can make human bones to be at a high risk for fractures and making movements can be significantly difficult. Osteoporosis is the main cause of occurrence of fractures in areas such as the spine, ribs, wrists, and hips in the aging persons. The occurrence of the diseases does not only result from loss of calcium from the bones, but also the organic matrix of the bone that fundamentally is constituted by collagen and certain proteins. Medical researchers illustrate that the group of people that are at higher risk of having the osteoporosis condition are those that are at the post-menopausal age, small-boned, slender individuals and the fair complexioned Caucasian females (Tussing & Chapman-Novakofski, 2005). Men are at lower risk than women, because they acquire bones that are congenitally denser and they are capable of sustaining weight through performing exercises for longer hours. The risk of osteoporosis health condition increases after the menopause age for women because of the dramatic decrease of the sex hormone named estrogen. Women who are above

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