Osteo arthritis

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Title of Paper Your Name Course Number Due Date Instructor’s Name OSTEOARTHRITIS Introduction Osteoarthritis (OA) is the leading cause of disability. It is ranked fifth among the causes of years lost to disability in older adults in the developed countries and ninth in the developing countries. An estimated 10-15 % of the world population over 60 years has some degree of symptomatic Osteoarthritis (Wittenauer and Aden, 2013). Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that mostly invades the cartilage (What is Osteoarthritis, n.d). Healthy cartilage prevents bones from grinding against each other and helps to absorb shocks during the movement. When Osteoarthritis set in, the upper layer of the cartilage in a joint undergoes wear and tear resulting to the bones under the cartilage grinding over each other. Background information About USD 300 billion dollars is used every year in the United states to combat OA disease. The Federal government spends an approximate of 2% of gross domestic product every year in fighting OA (Wittenauer and Aden, 2013). The resultant effects of OA include the indirect costs of loss of production and the direct costs of medication. Osteoarthritis represents the biggest share (50%) of all musculoskeletal diseases burden. According to the radiographic 30% of men and women over 65 years have Osteoarthritis of the knee. An estimate of 80% of those people suffering from OA experience difficulty in movement and about 25% cannot attend their daily activities. This research will concentrate on the causes, symptoms and the treatment of OA. It will further find solutions on how and why different ages are affected by OA. Causes of

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