Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation

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Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation This is a development brand owned by Chief Clarence Louie in Okanagan Valley. He and his team have come so far and achieved great heights through effective management skills. Their vision and mission are "To achieve self-reliance through economic development and to preserve the first nation culture through the creation of jobs on our lands for future generations” (OIBDC). This vision/mission statement helps guide them through setting objective and performance indicators that help in achieving the success of these objectives. This has seen them through great challenges which they have overcome and leveled them to where they are now. They use two types of planning to help them though their business. This is operational and contingency planning. This is majorly because there business comprises of many subcomponents e.g. winery, resorts, and a golf course. All these components have different functions set within them which help in achieving the overall success of the brand. They, therefore, incorporate the hierarchy of goals which lower level goals that aid in achieving higher level ones. This process, therefore, creates a smooth integration of all business of all business components thereby guaranteeing its overall success (MacDonald 1). They use joint ventures and leases to create important and useful business relationship that has brought employment for both non-natives and natives of the region of Okanagan Valley. The diversity in business also acts as a contingency since the allow business opportunities in residential, eco-tourism, commercial, agriculture and industrial development. This guarantees that any short backs can

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