orthopedic surgery

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Orthopedic surgery Student’s name: Institution Affiliation:   Coding in Orthopedic Surgery Coding is the technique of allocating a code to something for the reason of grouping or proof of identity. Coding is divided into two groups: actual coding, which involves identification of objective data from another document to produce other papers and subjective coding, which includes statistical entry of personal data from pre-determined models or according to a pre-determined procedure. Coding in orthopedics surgery is classified into four groups; spine surgery coding, upper extremity coding, foot and ankle surgery coding and general orthopedics coding. For coding to be successful, the coders must ensure everyday practice and full concentration on orthopedic surgery coding (Dischinger et al., 2004). The documents found in orthopedic surgery are such as, outpatient documentation, joint replacement documentation, and spine documentation. Proper documentation in orthopedics helps in: Describing the circumstances of the injury- appropriate details around the circumstances of the injury are required to ensure proper coding and claim processing (Brand et al., 2006). Relating the fracture/injury- proper documentation on the type of damage helps in proper coding. The documentations help in identifying the presence of an infection if any and which type. Ensures the provider gets adequate reimbursement for necessary follow-up visits and ensures the patient receives correct outpatient services. For coders to be successful in coding orthopedic they must have; a minimum of three years’ experience in coding, they must be focused on orthopedic coding only and must practice

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