Origins of Anti-Semitism in Germany in the late 19th century and in the early 20th

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Origins of Anti-Semitism in Germany By (Student’s Name) The name of the class Professor’s Name University City and state of the University’s location Date Introduction The term anti-Semitism refers to the belief or the prejudice that was directed towards Jews simply because they were Jewish; the term is also inclusive of the hostile behavior that was directed towards the Jewish people probably due to stereotypic views concerning them. Anti-Semitism could also have been as a result of religious teachings which portrayed the Jewish community as an inferior race. At the same time, the prejudice could have been a result of politically instigated efforts to harm the Jews. Following Germany’s annexation of Austria, anti-Sematic attitudes became common as such instances increased at a high rate. These did not only take place in Germany but worldwide, although the practice in Germany was quite high. Persecution, destruction of property, direct violence towards individuals who were Jewish and being thrown in prisons and concentration camps had then become the fate of the Jews (Hoffmann, 2002 pp. 24 & Brustein, 2003 pp. 1). The plight of these Jews drew worldwide attention and their situation as refugees worsened further with the refusal of most European countries to accommodate them. Although some heads of states were conscious of the plight of Jewish refugees, they still refused to offer them accommodation in their countries, citing reasons such as the racial imbalance that may result from the same. Others actual proposed that Nazi Germany is left alone to deal with the issue of Jews internally, on itself. On the same note, Hungary, Poland and Romania

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