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Name Professor’s Name CourseDate Application and Reflection The recommendations proposed to counter the issues of communication barrier within the organization included; re-evaluation of the recruitment process, use of computer translation programs, promoting on the job learning as well as incorporating the local community in the organization activities. The recommendations are to help the organization in the achievement of strategic sustainability, program and services sustainability, personnel sustainability as well as financial sustainability. As with any other organization, John Hopkins Hospital is striving to diversify the organization workforce by focusing on hiring and recruiting workers from different nationalities and cultural background. Effective communication within a multicultural organization such as hospital will offer the organization numerous benefits such as greater opportunity to compete globally as well as a wide range of perspective (Barker et al. 302). The selected strategy is realistic and visible within the context of the organization because to successfully eliminate the problem of the language barrier it is paramount to start by changing the feeling and thought of employees toward each other. This will help to build strong work relationships. The strategy is feasible as it emphasizes the importance of proper training interventions. Such includes programs to develop conversational skills, to improve listening skills. Proper training on non-verbal and verbal communications, negotiation skills and receiving feedback significantly help in achieving a healthy workplace thus all the organization employees harmoniously work together toward

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