Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure Question 1 Reorganization of Abraham's company, by the consultant typically falls within the general definition of a vertical organizational structure. In his organization, Abraham serves as the overall leader of the organization at the organization's headquarters in downtown Atlanta Georgia. After the leadership in Atlanta, the company is further grouped into districts headed by district store supervisor. Under the district store supervisors, there are the district meat and produce specialists and store managers, who also serve as the grocery managers. The meat and produce managers are under the store managers, and they report to their respective specialist supervisors and the store manager. The specialist supervisors only perform advisory roles on their field when doing their work on stores within their district. The chart above depicts the vertical organizational structure proposed by the consultant, where the produce and meat managers are directly below the store managers, and seemingly below the respective district specialist supervisor. Question 2 While this structure is an obvious improvement on the earlier chaotic structure where the store manager had no direct authority over produce and meat managers, it seems to be full of redundancy. The chain of command from specialists to the store managers is unclear, while it is clear that the store managers. A good organizational structure is one that has a properly defined chain of command, work specialization, span of management (Daft & Marcic, 2016). Other items that must be defined on a good organizational structure include whether the structure is decentralized or centralized and

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