Organizational Marketing Strategies

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UMB connect app was established in the month of September, the year 2013. The app is utilized in the sharing of ideas, ads, events, textbooks, and books, an event of MAP Miles and any other thing that would like to be shared by the student. It is specifically designed for the University of Massachusetts Boston; this app necessitates a connection on the University Campus to take place via VPN. Otherwise, the server of the app is inaccessible when one is away from the campus. This organization highly relies on the work of the undergraduate and graduate students who are well equipped with I.T knowledge. The organization is planning to increase its structures, circulations, landscapes and utilities as a way to create more space and working conditions to accommodate more staff. Campus landscape and infrastructure reflect the high academic ambitions for this organization, the organization's commitment to enhancing the experience of students and improvement of its relation with the neighbors it exists. The following chart will help the company keep its business organized. 2019300133350Organizational Direction (What) Business Objectives Long term Short term 00Organizational Direction (What) Business Objectives Long term Short term -33337566675Organizational Foundation (Why) Core values Mission (Vision) Organizational culture 00Organizational Foundation (Why) Core values Mission (Vision) Organizational culture += Implementation plan The “how” organizational strategy assists an organization to implement their objectives. The policies of an organization vary in two manners depending on the level of the strategy in the firm and the kind of offerings that are made to the

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