Organizational Dynamics and Governance

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Organizational Dynamics and Governance Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Organizational Dynamics and Governance After the identification of the project, a team should be developed to ensure its success. As per Barrow, McKimm, Gasquoine, & Rowe (2015), it is not necessary to choose the most qualified persons for a team. An efficient team should comprise persons with varying skills and abilities. The team should have strong leadership to take charge of all practices and make decisions. Similarly, the team members should spend more time together so that they know each other before commencing the project. A team should be developed since it is easy to meet the objectives than working without one. Teams are also effective, and it leads to creativity. After the conclusion of the mission, team members should be assigned roles and responsibilities. It is crucial to define team member's roles as well as responsibilities not only in the health sector but also in other organizations. First and foremost, defining roles and responsibilities for each member of a team makes them aware of their expectations. It would enable each member to plan their time on what to accomplish and ways they will employ to achieve their goals. Secondly, everything gets done when roles are defined since each member has his or hers. This ensures even the smallest tasks are accomplished. Thirdly, defining roles and responsibilities would reduce the time and energy wasted since all team members focus on productive things. Lastly, team members will work better since disputes are reduced, and creativity encouraged. This increases the overall performance of the team. While cooperation and

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