Organizational Dynamics and Governance Response

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Name Instructor Course Date Organizational Dynamics and Governance Response I totally agree with your sentiments that leadership is key in setting up a successful and productive team. In creating a competent team, one has to consider the goals and objectives they want to meet. The knowledge is key as it sets a roadmap and identifies the key qualities to consider when selecting the team members (Ekimova & Kokurin, 2015). A team is supposed to work together to achieve the set goals. Each team member has to have complete dedication in doing their part so as to ensure the whole team is working seamlessly. When each member meets their commitments then the whole team works with a flexible fluidity that is key in making strides toward achieving the team’s objective (Ekimova & Kokurin, 2015). The team leader should lead by example. He/she should encourage their members to be pro-active and creative. The team should create brainstorming sessions so as to make everyone feel that their efforts are incorporated into the team. Brainstorming also helps to come up with more ideas on how to improve the team’s output. After the team has concluded their mission I agree that a reflection and rating of the team is important. A reflection on how the team handled different situations will help gauge the improvements that could be made in future so as to have better handle the team’s task. It is vital to clearly define the roles of team members. Defining roles will help to rate individuals in the team (Kumar et al., 2014). It will also make it possible to pinpoint and mitigate any arising challenges in the work setting. Working without defining roles will create conflicts

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