Organizational Dynamics and Governance DQ 2

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Organizational Dynamics and Governance Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Organizational Dynamics and Governance A lot has been said about team building retreats and training sessions, especially on their effectiveness. I have been involved in several of them, and I can confidently acknowledge their effectiveness. Team building retreats impacted me in many ways. It did not only helped me to improve my morale, but it also impacted my productivity in the organization. My attitude towards team building retreats was negative before attending several of them. I usually assumed that people just go there to enjoy themselves and gossip. Team building retreat made me realize teamwork is the best thing in not only the health sector but also in all organizations. It's through team building retreat that I can now stand and pass my suggestions eloquently. Additionally, I have learned to appreciate the efforts of others which has helped improve my relationships and collaboration with them. My view regarding team building changed permanently. This is in line with Davies, Shukor & Jonge (2010) who pointed out in their research that teamwork brings members to focus on a common goal and this impact the organization positively. One of the team building retreats I attended aimed to reduce misunderstandings between employees, improve trust as well as collaboration. After the team building retreat, almost all the expectations were met. Most of those involved had developed positive attitudes. During the initial stages of the retreat, participants usually learn how to build trust and collaboration amongst themselves (Stoller, 2011). Before the retreat, there were a lot of

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