Organizational Dynamics and Governance 2

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Organizational Dynamics and Governance 2 Name Institution The views you shared on team building being an essential contribution to success is spot on. Working with team brings on board new perspectives that are critical in pushing the team towards achieving the set-out goals (Rovira-Asenjo et al., 2017). The first issue to tackle in the creation of a team is establishing the goals and objectives that the team has to tackle (O’Reilly et al., 2017). The second thing is to identify the abilities that the team members should have in order for them to make an impact on the team (Van Yperen et al., 2014). From the qualities, one can comfortably use them to select the team members based on their qualifications and experience. Development of a team is an important task as it brings in new fresh ideas that incorporate them in a move to target the set goals. In developing a team, the team leader should clearly define the roles of the team members so as to avoid blame game and work overload on some members (O’Reilly et al., 2017). If the definition of tasks is not implemented, then lazy members will exploit the chance to abscond or avoid giving their input regarding meeting the tasks of the team. A team leader should ensure that they make all the members feel that their efforts are not in vain. They should incorporate the ideas of team members and even encourage them to be creative. The move will motivate them to give more to the team and even commit long-term as they will feel they are part of something big (Rovira-Asenjo et al., 2017). When the team concludes its task, it is important to reward them in kind through organizing team building fun activities and even a

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