Organizational Development in Health Care: Theory and Application

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Complex Adaptive Systems vs. Traditional Systems Author Name Institutional Affiliation Complex Adaptive Systems vs. Traditional Systems One similarity between complex adaptive systems and traditional management systems is the objective that underpins these systems. Both complex adaptive systems and traditional management systems aim to achieve organizational goals (Espinosa & Walker, 2011). Their approaches are, however, different. Complex adaptive systems try to bring the best out of individuals by adapting to changes in the operating environment (Holland, 2006). Traditional systems, however, are conservative and tend to adopt one way of doing things across the management continuum. Conventionally, organization systems were thought to be closed. As such, management systems were designed hierarchically, such that control decision-making processes flowed from the topmost managers to the lowermost operatives (Collins, 2016).That is the basis of traditional management systems (T.M.S). Complex Adaptive Systems (C.A.S), on the hands, view organizations as open systems, where participants follow simple rules to manage themselves while solving complex problems. There are no bosses in complex adaptive systems. T.M.S and C.A.S also differ in terms of operations (Collins, 2016). While T.M.S emphasize the understanding all of systemic factors and mechanics of their operations, C.A.S emphasize how these systemic components relate to each other. Complex Adaptive Systems view organizations as a universal scheme, in which standards and protocols change, functions overlap, and roles diversify over time. Complex adaptive systems are structurally multidimensional, and

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