Organizational Development in Health Care: Theory and Application 2

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Organisational Development in Health Care Name Institutional Affiliation Organisational Development in Health Care I was the regional director for a non-profit healthcare outreach organization. The organization managed several health care programs. One of the programs that handled mentally challenged patients had issues with service delivery. Therefore, it was upon us to intervene. My boss, the chief executive officer of the organization met with the program’s director and the board. There was a need for an initiative. The challenge was increasing the workload for each of the staff and employees without adjusting the payment. It was clear that there was a shortage of staff to handle specific tasks. The financial situation at the establishment could not allow for more staff to be recruited, (Borkowski 2016). I proposed that training should be provided to the staff and employees. This way, they would be able to handle additional tasks. Training was cost-effective compared to hiring new employees. The staff members were not impressed with this particular proposal. To ensure that the course was successful, I ensured that other directors from several departments were involved including nursing, facility, and admissions directors. The first step was to work with willing participants in organizing team exercises, giving out banners and honouring people. We devoted our time and financial resources to the project. I explained to the employees how important the course was. The unwilling staff members were reluctant at first but that did not stop us from moving forward. Initially, things seemed nearly impossible. There were lots of complaints about the training conditions.

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