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Task 1: Organizational Culture and Employee Performance Annotated Bibliography Student Name Institutional Affiliation Task 1: Organizational Culture and Employee Performance Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Ahmed, M. & Shafiq, S. (2014). The Impact of Organizational Culture on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Telecom Sector. Global Journal of Management and Business Research: Administration and Management, 14(3), 21-31. Ahmed and Shafiq (2014) include a case study of the telecom industry to assess the impact of an organization’s culture to its performance. The authors scrutinize the culture from a managerial perspective. The goal of the article is to determine how an organization’s culture influences its performance by gauging the influences of culture on performance. The performance is measured by a balanced scorecard with a questionnaire facilitating data collection. The credible research paper with a ‘3.0-unported’ license conclusively indicates that aspects regarding the organizational culture affect various dimensions of performance. The study indicates that organizational culture is upheld by upright employee norms and values, high uncertainty avoidance, effective and assertive managers, and clearly defined employee roles and procedures. If properly managed, organizational culture yields collectivism out of employee satisfaction, improved financial performance, innovation, and achieving organizational goals. Employee satisfaction boosts employee commitment, which eventually contributes to elevated employee performance. The article is useful in assessing the association between organizational culture and employees’

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