Organizational Behavior

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Name Instructor Course Date Organizational Behavior John Spano is featured as a committed person who would benefit the NY Islander. Before he closed the deals to own the team, he took over the company’s management. Performance improved and profits were achieved in contrary to initial state. The company was initially managed by John Pickett, who saw Spano be a savior to the team. Organizational Behavior that Existed Before, During and After John Spano Took over the Team The introduction of John Spano to the company proved that the performance would be better since the company was desperate to sell the team. The performance of John was efficient regarding the organizational team management and implementing various strategies that made the company as one of the best-performing facilities (McKay, min 12). The organization viewed John as a savior to the company’s troubled franchise. He falsified his leadership skills to prove that he was worth taking the company. The company was at a crucial situation before John took over the company. The manager, Pickett, and the team members had, however, worked together toward achieving significant goals. The company’s performance had failed to achieve different financial goals that forced the company to sell the team (McKay, min 23). Therefore, making the deals with the company and taking over the office, Spano proved to have the ability to stabilize the team. Despite his forgeries across banks, John financed various activities within the team. Reorganization of the company’s schedules and events became real that it started performing better than before. Employee and employer’s relationship were effective since

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