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Organizational Analysis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Organizational Analysis Introduction GM is a company that has been in the car production business and has earned the earned the trust of many. In recent times, however, the culture in the company had led to a crisis. The diagnosis of the problem reflected an internal issue with the relationship between the staff and top management. The GM case study is a miserable culture crisis that we can all acquire from, as culture is the most influential energy within a company. The case study revealed a lack of team spirit and communication; risk management was also part of the issue reflecting the internal makeup of the enterprise. When the crisis occurred, the inability to address the problem for 11 years was showed that they lack a sense of urgency. Also, the failure of the engineers to escalate the issue to the top management is Indicative of the staff to management culture crisis (GM Culture Crisis 2014). Organization Modeling The corporate behavioral model is utilized in the case study is System Model: this type of behavioral model provide a configuration as well as team setting, considering each to perform around his high points with regards to objectives, capacities, and possibilities. The aim of this model is to balance out the purpose of the individuals with the organizational goals (Wilson1999). In GM, engineers were allowed to work independently, and professionally within company guidelines, so while that sound right, it could be counter productive if there are no checks and balances from the top management. Lawyers, engineer, and investigators evaluated the ignition switch issue, but no one

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