organisms reproduction

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Student’s Name Professor's Name CourseDate Organisms Reproduction Reproduction, the processes by which living organisms engage in particular biological activities to generate an offspring varies from animal to another. While some procreation is sexual in type, other organisms undergo asexual reproduction. For this purpose, I will consider honey bees’ and human beings’ reproduction and sexual considerations. While human beings’ have their reproduction story upheld on sexual aspect where the male inserts his genitalia into the female’s sexual organ during the intercourse for ejaculation of sperms and further fusion in a process called copulation, most insects such as honey bees have no definition of sex. Honey bees do not need sex to effectuate the process of reproduction as they have a mainstream reproduction process known as parthenogenesis whereby the egg cell does not cut into several chromosomes in the process identified as mitosis, also virgin birth (Greely 30). On the flipside, human beings’ reproduction process adheres to the sexual intercourse whereby the male character inserts its penis into the females, and in the process of copulation, an ejaculation ensues, and further fertilization gets initiated during the fertility period of the female. Sex is fundamental enough for the humans and other mammals since the distinction in the genomes of the subsequent generation assists in the survival of the generation (Greely 29). Upon ejaculation, the sperm moves towards the fallopian tube where it meets the ovum, and in the combination, a zygote formation proceeds upon successful fertilization. It is worth to note that, when the sperm meets the egg,

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