Organism Project on Schistosoma Mansoni

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The organism project intends to evaluate the incidence of resistance in Schistosoma mansoni with the focus being on how to address the issue using hygiene approaches as an easy to apply control strategy. S. mansoni is a nematode parasite strain that causes schistosomiasis as a tropical human disease. In fact, its classification is in the Animalia kingdom, Trematoda class, Strigeatida order, and Schistosomatidae family. The parasite is common in equatorial tropical regions to include African, South America, Middle East, and the Caribbean regions with fresh water and an abundance of snails. Thought to have originated in Africa, the parasite is believed to have spread to other regions of the world during the slave trade era (Moen and Tkacs, 2013). In this respect, S. mansoni is a nematode parasite that causes schistosomiasis in humans. S. mansoni lifecycle begins in the mesenteric veins where the adults deposit the eggs. The eggs then transverse through mucosal linings and tissues before gaining entry to the bladder and gut before exiting the host body through urine or feces. Once they have been expelled from the body, the eggs gain access to a fresh water body before hatching to form miracidia that attach to a snail as an intermediate host. The parasite then transforms into sporocysts before exiting the snail’s body as cercariae. The cercariae then attach to the human skin using suckers, produce enzymes that allow it to penetrate the skin before burrowing into the transport systems that include the lymphatic system and peripheral blood vessels. The transport systems move the cercariae to the heart and lungs where they undergo transformation into schistomule that feed on

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