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How to Join Toastmasters Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation How to Join Toastmasters Initial Thoughts My name is ______________ a distinguished member of the Toastmasters Organization and welcome to the speech communication class under Professor _________________ at this time _____________. Today, I am going to deliver an important message to convince you to join Toastmasters. Before we get started, allow me to introduce the membership, the benefits, and the details of Toastmaster Organization. Background of Toastmasters International Toastmasters International (TI) as a nonprofit educational organization emerges to serve its members to improve their communication, leadership, and public speaking skills. Its center of operations is in the United States of America that galvanizes the same clubs globally to enhance the speaking skills among members and to highlight their interests in public speeches and dialogues (Slutsky, 1997). In fact, the focal responsibility of the toastmaster is to act as hospitable and war host to conduct the whole program, which includes the introduction to the participants and distribution of the awards. On the other way around, the toastmaster should present the program participants that stimulates the spectators and persuades them to listen. The toastmaster should then fashion an atmosphere of attention and perspective (Slutsky, 1997). Furthermore, the role of a toastmaster as long as he is ready to give the details of the speakers and to brief the evaluators. Therefore, this speech helps guide the new members of Toastmasters Organization to unify members in a toastmaster meeting. Joining the Toastmasters

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