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Science and Engineering Practices Student’s Name Institution Science and Engineering Practices The eight basic science and engineering practices provide a primary platform for scientists’ engagement behaviors as they investigate, explore and construct theories, models, and systems about the natural world. Asking questions and solving defining problems is the first practice. Secondly, it is followed by the practice of developing using models, in this case, models are built as tools for representing fundamental ideas. Thirdly, scientists plan and carry out investigations; this is done in the laboratory working as a group or individually. The fourth practice involves analyzing and interpretation of data. In this step, scientists present data that ought to be analyzed to have a positive meaning in the natural world. The fifth basic practice by the scientist involves the application of mathematics and computer activities to represent physical variables and their respective relationships. After that, it gets to the sixth practice whereby scientists construct explanations and design solutions. The seventh practice involves engagement of the scientists in an argument from the evidence that is collected, analyzed and investigated. Finally, the scientists perform the process of obtaining, evaluation and communication of information in a professional manner. All through my education life, I have always thought that in science, an experiment is the only sure way of acquiring scientific knowledge. However, this thought has been a myth given that besides experiments being one of the major methods of gaining scientific knowledge, it is not the only way of acquiring such

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