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OR#6 Name: Institutional affiliation How to Differentiate Summative Assessment and Formative Assessment Formative assessment Formative assessments are tests and procedures carried out by teachers, both in a formal and an informal way during the learning process. It helps the teachers to assess the progress of students in terms of academics, learning needs, courses preferred and skills required to handle tasks. The assessment is basically carried out for learning. It deals with quality rather than the quantity. Further, the assessment helps the students identify their weaknesses, helping them improve in those areas before their final assessment. Additionally, through evaluating and monitoring the students, the school faculty identifies students in need of additional attention (Huggett & Jeffries, 2014). The formative assessment uses several tools to conduct the evaluation. For example, project supervisors may request the early return of the project in order to give an early feedback. Secondly, the lecturer may request the students to identify the main theme of the topic during a lecture (Huggett & Jeffries, 2014). Summative assessment Summative assessment is an evaluation process carried out at the end of a specified period to determine the extent to which the students have attained their skills, knowledge and the overall academic performance. This method of assessment uses tests and assignments to determine how well the students have attained a specific target (Huggett & Jeffries, 2014). The assessment is done by comparing the performance of the student with a set benchmark. Unlike formative assessment which is a low stake, summative assessment

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