Opposite-Sex Friendship: Sex Differences

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Generally, men and women have varied perspectives on importance and implications of inter gender relationships. This article looks into acquaintances between males and females in as far as these friendships and or relationships are concerned. Specifically, the article explores the reasons for the formation, maintenance, or termination of such acquaintances. Basically, this is a study aimed at comparing the male and female perspective by establishing their similarities and differences. Indeed, men and women enter into friendships for uniquely varied reasons with few of these reasons being common to both genders. The article cites sex or the prospect of it to be to be a strong motivator for beginning of opposite sex friendships (OSFs) by the males. The study established that men are generally interested in engaging in sexual relationships with their attractive female friends (Kaplan & Keys, 1997). In the society today, this fact is evidenced by the presence of many female sex workers and the absence of male ones. This is so because they aim on capitalizing on men’s affinity for sexual relationships. Furthermore, the article suggests that more often than not, for most males, the lack of ‘enough’ sex is reason enough to trigger the termination of an OSF. In one occasion, I lost interest in a girl upon discovery that she was in a serious relationship and therefore I stood zero chances of hooking up. More so, this is magnified by the total absence of the possibility of sex especially for the case of unattached or single males. For the case of females, the article suggests that the search for protection tops the list on reasons for initiating friendships with their

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