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Name Instructor Course Date Opposing Viewpoints An advertisement is an announcement made on any type of media promoting a product or a service. Mostly, the advertising firms target the feelings of their audiences and make them feel that they would have better lives if they purchased the product or service advertised. Advertisements are good because they help companies get customers. However, throughout history, advertisements target their audience in a discriminatory manner, almost all the time. One of the issues within advertisements is the fact that many advertisements are sexist (Rosalind 62). Sexism refers to the stereotyping based on sex, and it typically happens against females. The issue of sexism within advertisements is confusing because sexist adverts are very effective and the fact that women created many allegedly sexist advertisements. Sexist adverts are very effective. All adverts are discriminatory in some way. For example, if a company targets the youth for a particular product, they will discriminate the older generation and the young children. The same case applies for products meant to appeal to people of different sex. A Barbie Doll advertisement, for example, will only feature girls. Such an advert is sexist because it shows that girls should carry, feed, and take care of the baby. If girls grow with such mentality, it means that they will not expect the men in their future to do those things because they feel that it is their responsibility as men take care of other things. This is a representation of the way of life many decades ago when women would stay at home to take care of the house chores, as the men were busy in the places of formal

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