Opportunities for engaging families

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OPPORTUNITIES FOR ENGAGING FAMILIES PREPARED BY COURSE DATE Engaging Families in Early Childhood Education There exist various opportunities which can be used to ensure families are more and more involved or engaged in the learning of their children especially when their children are at the early childhood stage. According to Bredekamp, 18 (2016), the involvement of the family in the learning of their children is usually vital and therefore capitalizing on every opportunity available for the families to be involved or engaged in the learning of their children should, therefore, be a key priority. The opportunities through which families can engage themselves in the learning of their children can be created through various means. One of the ways through which these opportunities can be created is through the organization or hosting of various special events. These special events include picnics and special breakfasts. Through these special events, parents can gain ideas on ways through which they can get to be engaged with their children’s’ learning activities. Another way through which the opportunities can be created is through availing the necessary and useful resources required by parents on behavior management and on how they can cultivate special talents and skills in their children. The other way of creating opportunities for families to be engaged in the learning process of their children is through inviting the parents to the classrooms. The parents can visit the classrooms as silent observers or just take part in the activities of the class which their children are undertaking. The other way of creating these opportunities is through frequent

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