Operations Strategy

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Operations strategy is a business approach that helps managers to oversee every step of business operation to produce the intended results. Operations include all activities carried out the workplace in the efforts of converting inputs to outputs. Operational excellence is required to ensure that the firm achieves its strategy. Moreover, operations management should be measured to ensure that operations attain maturity. Managers, however, should be careful when employing various approaches to business to ensure that these approaches do not replace the organizational strategies. Purchasing and supply management, the use of technology in running business operations and strategy improvement approaches all help to build up the success of operations at all levels of an organization. The current portfolio seeks to show the progress of operations strategy from one stage to another as documented in the book operations strategy by slack. Each chapter builds on the previous one to bring the reader to a conclusive understanding of the operations strategy. Chapter 1: Operational Excellence and Strategic Success Operational management is an ideal practice that determines the success or the failure of any organization. Proper management of operations guarantees the success of the organizational strategy. By definition, operational management is the overall control of resources and the markets to ensure that the inputs produce the desired outputs (Tan & Mathew 2009, p 94). Operational management occurs at every stage of the organization; therefore, it should be managed at each level to reflect the strategic goal of the institution (Word 2009, p 77). Strategic management of

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