operational improvement

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Insert name Professor’s name Course/class Date Operational Improvement Executive Summary The present analysis makes it clear that operational improvement is an important business concept. This is because it addresses competition concerns, making it possible for the business to achieve its profitability goals. At the core of this understanding is the awareness that personnel must have the right attitude to become effective workers. Also, there is a concession that interdependence is important as part of the improvement process, with the focus being on encouraging contributions, creating a perception of job security and valuing opinions. Also, the analysis concedes that operational improvement is an important business subject. This is because it facilitates business analysis, as seen in the case of King Hussein Cancer Center, making it possible to identify it's sources of success and how to improve outcomes. Overall, the analysis makes it clear that improving stakeholders relationship and perception goes a long way in improving performance, to include motivating the stakeholders to actively seek operational improvement. Discussion Posting It is accepted that business entities are typically set up with the deliberate intention of achieving the desired goal; typically profitability and larger market share (Slack and Lewis 2). To achieve these goals, the business must engage highly effective persons who would be responsible for responding to market pressures in a way that makes good use of available resources to achieve the desired goal. Part of that management strategy may entail creating a culture of interdependence. This statement holds true in the face of

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