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operation are then deducted from the total gain to obtain the net profit. Purchases made after the sale of merchandise and recorded as inventory. Other records include returns for returned purchases and sales of merchandise. In a merchandise business, discounts are offered to customers to encourage to pay earlier. Shipping of merchandise requires either the buyer or the seller to pay for the shipment expenses depending on the destinations and the agreement between the two parties. A seller in a merchandising business must record two adjusting entries for allowances and expected returns. Importance of the Topic Covered Merchandising enterprises are run by different people and involve managers,...

Question 1 Activity Normal Time Crash Time Normal Cost Crash Cost Predecessor Max red NT-CT Cost to Crash per period CC-NC A 10 8 50 150 10-8=2 150-50=100 B 4 2 40 200 4-2=2 200-40=160 C 7 6 70 160 B 7-6=1 160-70=90 D 2 1 20 50 A,C 2-1=1 50-20=30 E 3 3 30 30 A,C 3-3=0 30-30=0 F 8 5 80 290 B 8-5=3 290-80=210 G 5 4 50 180 D 5-4=1 180-50=130 H 6 3 60 180 E,F 6-3=3 180-60=120 CC-NC/NT-CT(COST TO Crash Per Period) 150-50/10-8= 100/2=50 200-40/4-2=160/2=80 160-70/7-6=90/1=90 50-20/2-1=30/1=30 30-30/3-3=0 290-80/8-5=210/3=70 180-50/5-4=30/1=30 180-60/6-3=120/3=40 Project cost without crashing is 13 days(add the sum of Max Red) Normal cost is 400 Crash cost is 1040 Production cost...

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operation is drawn separately and then joined by the part that joins them. For example, the Ethernet cable is seen joining the workstations to the router. Moreover, the flow of data is shown from the modem which receives it from the server. The diagram interlinks all the components in their basic forms in a very professional manner and is hence beneficial to professional work. Instructions are also given in the office and their flow as data is also clearly shown. In this way, the diagram is self-explanatory and will assist in the plan of the office as required in the project. The local area network of the company can be seen by the diagram as it will act as the draft of the...

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