Operant Conditioning and-Howard Gardner’s theory.edited

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Operant Conditioning and Howard Gardner’s Theory Name Institution Part A Operant conditioning can be explained as a learning process that happens on the basis of behavior consequences and might involve learning new behavior (Davey, 2017). The process starts with doing the new behavior and then the consequences of the new behavior are noticed. Operant conditioning is a very influential sector in psychology that has succeeded in providing practical solutions to issues in human behavior. Behavior modification is one application of the techniques of operant conditioning in modifying behavior. The token economy method is one such example of therapeutic use of modification of behavior. A study was conducted on psychiatric patients in a mental hospital. The patients were experiencing difficulties in performing their expected daily behaviors without follow up. The problem of failing to perform grooming behaviors effectively was occurring frequently because the patients forgot to do some of them unless they are followed up personally. Following up on each patient by their caretakers was also difficult since the caretakers are few and the patients are many. So, they won't be able to reach every patient and make sure they are properly groomed. The reason why a change in this behavior was necessary is because caregivers at the hospital had a lot to do and they would not have time to drees up each patient and spread their beds since they had a lot of work in the morning and the patients were too many to follow up on each one of them daily. Therefore, if every patient develops good grooming behaviors, then the work of caregivers would reduce. The benefit of this behavior

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