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online real-time ordering system, prompt customer reply, and the implementation of an online company loyalty system. The programs have been transformative in the way that the company relates to clients. New and existing customers have been impressed by the programs hence leading to the record sales. I would, therefore, request you to relook into the accomplishments that I have made in the past year and adjust the current salary increase to reflect my efforts. Your consideration will be highly appreciated. Kind...

online. What would be a better experience that you would want other than going head to head with Kim Woods? Acquire these pair of gloves and you will instantly see the difference. Now, the best part is that once the gloves are worn out before the end of 6 months, Rays Corporation will give you a brand new pair free of charge. Visit our shops today. Become a golf player with a golf glove that is specifically made for you. In case you have trouble finding our shop you can contact us online and we will deliver you a quality pair of gloves at your doorstep....

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online video rental service has recorded the following rentals each week: Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Rentals 1202 1503 1444 1254 1609 1499 1689 1555 Use a three-week moving average to forecast sales for each of the weeks 4 through 9. For the prediction of rentals of week 9 using a three week moving average, then: 1499+1689+15553=1581 rentalsFor week 8: 1609+1499+16893=1599 rentalsFor week 7: 1254+1609+14993=1454 rentalsFor week 6: 1444+1254+16093=1435 rentalsFor week 5: 1503+1444+12543=1400 rentalsFor week 4: 1202+1503+14443=1383 rentalsUse a four-week moving average to forecast sales for each of the weeks 5 through 9. Using a four moving average, the rentals for week 9 through 5 are obtained...