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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Descartes’ Argument of God’s Existence In Descartes’ Meditations on the First Philosophy," he proves the existence of God by first establishing himself as an existing imperfect being. The proofs provided in this premise, however, are not physical but based on the belief that if one exists and as imperfect, then there must be something of greater reality, and of perfection than himself that created him. Here, Descartes states, “All which I can conceive can be produced by God as I can conceive it” (Descartes 17) to support that what he understands can only be created by a powerful being. Therefore, having the ideas of his imperfection eliminates any suggestion that himself or his parents could bear his existence, leaving only a perfect being, that is God, which would have had to exist to create him. Another thing that Descartes is certain apart from God’s existence is that God would not allow a demon or a computer to deceive humanity. In the early meditations, Descartes wonders if the external and physical thing as we perceive exists. He concludes that it is possible, as he perceives himself as a physical being (from his argument of imperfect being and perfect creator). Therefore, if he can perceive God as a perfect being, then God would not deceive him. He seems to believe that “willful deception” that “evinces maliciousness and weakness” would be an imperfection (Descartes 19). According to Descartes, this imperfection would be against or contrary to the nature and power of God. On the other hand, Descartes lacks perfection as in his arguments and confession that he is “subject to errors”

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