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Student’s name Professor’s name Class Date Learning foreign languages is a waste of time Nowadays, the life of human beings is heavily influenced by the modern technologies. Modern people can barely imagine their lives without all of the progress that computer science has given them. Because computers make people’s lives easier, many of them have found new excuses for being lazy. For example, there is an opinion that learning foreign languages is pointless, as computers can translate quickly and accurately. However, I disagree with this point of view, and I have significant reasons to prove mine. Creation of artificial intelligence has taken much time from the scientists. They have been trying to develop an accurate translator that will help many people conquer a language barrier; but even after the years of the hard work, it is still not possible to do a precise translation, including the proper context. Computers translate sentences word-to-word, which sometimes makes it hard to understand the original meaning of this sentence. It is possible to get a vague translation, but without knowing small details that people usually find out in the process of learning a language, it will be hard to understand a language, especially from the mouth of a native speaker. What is more, learning a foreign language can make you more aware of a culture of this language and unique features of the natives. Culture is an essential part of every country’s history. As the country has been developing, the language and the culture have been evolving along with it. Sure, maybe shortly, people will find a way to make machines understand the context accurately. By now, it is

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