One aspect of the cold war

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Student: Instructor: Course: Date: One Aspect of the Cold War After the 2nd world war, it becomes clear that there were two world super power countries that were now at loggerheads, the Soviet were in support of communism while the U.S.A was in support of capitalism. New battle fronts were opened in countries that were seen could be swayed to any of the sides. An example is the Greece and Turkey that were considered to be young democracies and therefore the USA needed to protect them from communism hence policies such as US policy of containment were formed one notable one is the Truman doctrine. On 12th March 1947 President Truman while making a speech at a joint session of Congress, stated that U.S would be providing economic, political and military support to those young democracies that were under attack from communism (Gaddis, pg. 386-402). This was to counter Soviet from influencing the policies of those countries that it spread communism too. When British failed to provide support to Greece and Turkey then the US that had felt the minute effect of the 2nd world war decided to provide support to these countries so as to stand against communism spread which formed part of the larger USA foreign policy. The main notable reasons that led U.S to adopt the policy was, when in 1946 Soviets refused to withdraw troops from northern Iran, Soviet pressure to force Iran to grant them oil, Soviets forcing Turkish government to offer them base and transit rights and one last reason was when Britain withdrew support from these countries then the US ceased the opportunity to offer support. Events that were happening in Turkey and Greece were of much importance to compel

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