Oncology Nurse

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Student Instructor Course Date Oncology Nurse Oncology nursing is the passion of my professional carrier. Oncology nursing deals with cancer patients. I became so heartily to desire to be an oncology nurse when my closest friend fell sick, and after a delayed diagnosis, it was later revealed that he had developed cancer. Previously before this occurrence, I just loved to pursue a medical course and become an expert in any branch of medicine. As soon as I heard of the fatal demise of my ally, I was left in sorrow with nothing to do and nobody to consult. This is what triggered me to make my mind in pursuance of oncology nursing so that I would be of significant help to people living with cancer. Oncology nurse requires a specialized education in nursing that can either be obtained in colleges, universities or hospital training programs. Though it is difficult to secure a position in hospital training programs for oncology nursing, it’s the most preferred because of the experience attached to the completion (Swanson et al., 45). Also, Knowledge of computers, electronic medical records, and privacy laws are beneficial to the career that I am choosing. Further education especially masters is vital to becoming an expert in dealing with both outpatient and inpatient. Oncology nursing pays very well after completion. The payment in the United States of America for an oncology nurse ranges from about $65,000 to $78,000 in a year. The pay varies depending on one’s level of education, experience, and the location. Some states pay better than others. Besides the basic salary, an oncology nurse is offered paid sick leaves and vacations. All oncology nurses have

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