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Direct Supervision Jails Author’s Name: Institute Affiliation: Direct supervision in jails began when psychologists, architects, and jail administrators joined efforts in an attempt to understand how correction facilities influenced human behavior. Direct supervision is focused on active inmate behavior management to ensure a safe and secure jail environment for staff, visitors, and inmates. Direct supervision uses a management technique that prevents negative behavior while at the same time encouraging positive behavior. The architectural design supports management and control of inmate behavior because there are no barriers between inmates and staff. Problems are also able to be identified at early stages. Direct supervision has been able to address a number of problems faced by the previous form of jail administration (National Institute of Corrections, 2017) One of the problems addressed by direct supervision is inmate control. With an officer being present among the inmates all the time, there is direct control of privileges, provision of leadership and setting of standards. This way inmates will not gather in large groups, and any troublemaker will immediately be isolated from the rest. Direct supervision has also addressed tension and violence. Fights are broken up quickly, and weapons are confiscated in time. There are no sexual assaults and gangs are managed. Danger zones such as shower areas are now safe due to constant supervision (Wener, Frazier, & Farbstein, 1993). There is noise control in the direct supervision. This is enabled by the design architecture and the presence of officers in open areas. Staff morale is also increased. Officers

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