Older People Have the Best Relationships

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Older adults have the best relationships. They demonstrate more positive feelings, interactions and are much satisfied. They have fewer conflicts and challenges in their relationships than younger adults. They know how to handle social problems, avoid any negativity of a conflict and do not react when such conflicts happen. These positive social ties are as a result of their own actions and their social partner’s actions. Emotional experience is an aggregate of one’s thoughts and actions and their social partners but not solely on the individual. In a case of an interpersonal conflict, adults will reduce tension so as to steer the emotional experiences positively. Older adults use avoidant strategies to solve potential problems. Unlike the older adults, younger adults are more aggressive and use confrontational strategies. The older adults will most likely do nothing in case of social problems, something which proofs difficult for the younger adults. Generally, people show more sentimental love feelings for older adults as compared to younger adults. Reasons Why Older Adults are Treated Preferentially Future time perspective –People with a foreclosed view of their future tend to engage in behaviors to maximize positive emotional rewards. Forgiveness –There is greater forgiveness to older than younger adults who commit same social transgressions. Through forgiveness, social partners control their own feelings and let go of the problem, maintaining good relationships and by not becoming resentful. Stereotypes – negative stereotypes associated with old age may facilitate positive social exchanges. Older adults are treated as forgetful and seen as

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