Okonkwo as a Strong Man and a Warrior

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Okonkwo is considered as a warrior, and he tends to respond to violence easily. The masculine nature of his body portrays a man who is ready for war. His heels hardly touch the grounds as he walks in the village. Okonkwo is the only man who overthrew Analyze the Cat who had not been defeated for seven years. Okonkwo is fond of lashing out as the first response whenever he is angry. Okonkwo removes a machete and cuts the man who struck Ikemefuna though Ikemefuna was supposed to be killed as by the Oracle decrement .however Okonkwo later killed many people who included court messenger from British and Ikemefuna. The Okonkwo behavior of reacting to violence fiercely results from his desire to be totally unlike his father who was considered weak and lazy. His fear of becoming weak motivates him to take action in times of attack. The masculine character makes him be a renowned wrestler and a fierce warrior."He was afraid of being thought weak" (Achebe, 43). Okonkwo hard work in providing for the family makes him a stronger person. Okonkwo is a successful farmer growing yams which are usually referred as "manly" crop. He is married to three wives, and he has a lot of children born to him. Okonkwo has constructed many huts which are enough to accommodate all the children. His main fear in life is fear and weakness. Okonkwo deals violently with lazy debtors and weak people who resemble his father in the society. Moreover, Okonkwo does not tolerate idleness and gentleness, unlike his father. Okonkwo is ashamed of his father Unoka nature of being too womanly and weak. Consequently, Okonkwo requires that his family works for long hours regardless of their age. Okonkwo spirit of

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