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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Question 1 Apple has an ethical obligation of ensuring that the workers from where they outsource their products are treated well by their contractor. Others may argue that Apple does not have any obligation to the workers as well as they are following the law and making profits as businesses should (Friedman 112). Of course, it would be financially beneficial for Apple to turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Chinese workers as long as they were meeting their desired profit margins. Nonetheless, as much as Apple wants to make huge profits, it still has a social responsibility where it is supposed to uphold high ethical standards. Ethical standards are also the responsibilities of the company. The main ethical principles are beneficence, non-maleficence, fairness, truthfulness, justice, and respect for autonomy. These are the ethical principles that should be applied by Apple. For instance, some of the offshore companies have been proven to underpay its workers despite being overworked, this breaks the ethical principles. Since Apple is a beneficiary of their labor, it has a huge responsibility to ensure that the employees receive their dues as deserved. This is supported by Post et al (n.p.) who mentioned that the cooperate organizations have a social responsibility of ensuring that the workers also benefit from this program. Since Apple is one of the main stakeholders in the company, it also has an ethical duty of ensuring that the workers are treated well. To ensure this Is achieved Apple has set a standard for its contractors to ensure that they maintain an ethical condition for the workers At the same time, Apple

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