Office of Personnel Management Security Breach Incident of June 2015

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OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SECURITY BREACH Name: Institution: Abstract This research revolves around the security breach that happened in the Office of Personnel Management in the U.S Government in June 2016. It has relied on credible sources such as the Report of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reforms as well as well as the Office of Personnel Management report. The Research highlights on the incident, how it affected the individuals and the government, any overlooked measures that would have prevented the breach and the measures put in place after the breach to strengthen the systems and prevent future incidences. The report says that even after the malicious codes were detected, the OPM did not put basic measures of security control and neither did they deploy security tools to detect and prevent any other potential threats. Besides, the OPM on their part accused the report that it was ignorant of the agency report as at that time. They, however, assured the Americans that it had put the new measure to ensure that such kind of breach or any other breach will not happen in future and that their systems were secure. Keywords: measures, breach, agency and report Office of Personnel Management Security Breach In June 2015, it was discovered that the security clearance of the Office Personnel Management of the Federal Government of United States was breached (Office of Personnel Management, 2015). It was confirmed that highly sensitive information and records were stolen and were in the hands of unintended recipients. Among the records that were confirmed to have been breached were Social Security Numbers, fingerprints, usernames and passwords

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