OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES Lerman, Y., Schwarz, Y., Kaufman, G., Ganor, E., & Fireman, E. (2003). Case series: Use of induced sputum in the evaluation of occupational lung diseases. Archives of Environmen

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Occupational Diseases Name: Institution: Abstract The article review has identified the main argument of the article in question which is to bring out the applications of induced sputum. Induced sputum is currently applied in occupational asthma, lung cancer, and hazardous tests. The authors look at these areas by giving several examples to support their argument. Further, the article review has also identified the inferences made by the authors in the article which include the noninvasive nature and safety of induced sputum. Additionally, the other part of the article review provides a critique of the methodology used by the authors and recommended an alternative methodology that could have been used. The methodology used in the article is not sufficient given the reliability that is required for studies. It is, therefore, essential that other studies are conducted with the use of an alternative methodology. Lastly, the areas of further research are also included in the article review, although the article authors did not include any in their paper. The future research areas will aid other scholars that are interested in carrying out further research on induced sputum. Occupational Diseases The main idea in the article is to identify the current applications of induced sputum, outline the methodology for IS, and recommend areas for further research through the identification of various gaps. Additionally, the authors have made two inferences in their article. Firstly, they made the inference that induced sputum is a safe technique. This inference is true since it is based on the information that has been presented by the authors in the article.

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