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Observation Profile Name Institution Profile Observation Centre (add setting and room if necessary) CFR Daycare, Preschool Room Observer Week of Observations Age group 2 to 3 years Child development, both mentally and physically, is a very crucial part of human life. This is the stage where the weakness and strengths of a person are realized. This essay is about observation profiles of twenty preschoolers. I observed the children as they engaged in different activities in a preschool room. The observation included their interests, abilities, skills and some specific needs that they lacked. The preschoolers were between the ages of two and three years. Sarah Mackenzie She has art and craft skills and loves showing them off to her friends and even the teacher. Needs: Improve her attention span Cameron Isaacs He loves playing jigsaw puzzle and other similar games. He rarely talks and prefers a quiet environment. Needs: encourage making friends David Leo He is very playful and is always engaged in any game with his friends. He does not tire easily while playing but rarely touches a book. Needs: More encouragement when it comes to reading materials. Ellie Eliana She loves singing and is interested in music. She is always involved in any music activity. However, she gets irritated quickly and will often find her crying. Needs: encourage to control her temper. Samuel Connor He is the most talkative of all the other students. He is social and very good at making friends. Needs: Improve his listening skills Adam Lincoln He enjoys staring at the pictures in books but does not like playing with other kids Needs: encourage socialization Joseph

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