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Author’s Name: Professors Name: Course Title: Date Reviewing Oates story “HiHowYaDoin." Joyce Oates uses her extensive knowledge in writing to explain various life challenges in the society. In her short story, “HiHowYaDoing” Oates uses her rich writing techniques to show how various people are affected by the social challenges related to family breakups in the society. The use of jogging by Oates is symbolic. It symbolizes the challenges that people face in the society and the different ways they are striving to control them (Oates 22). Oates uses the characters in the story to show the effects of family breakups and the implications it has on their lives. One such character is Diane Hendricks. She was an athlete in high school and had a good body shape. However, after the divorce with her husband, Hendricks is now overweight, childless and angry about herself. The move has made her very thoughtful and stressed in her life (Oates 34). Dr. Rausch is also another character in the story that is feeling the issue of family feuds in the society. The renowned scholar is stressed about his daughter's failed marriage, and he grinds his jaw as he jogs thoughtfully. Rausch is thinking about his daughter's wrecked marriage. The stress has caused him serious health issues, and he is now overweight and stressed up. From the above characters, Oases uses the various challenges that they are facing as a symbolism of what befell both the children and parents in cases of family break up. Each character symbioses the experience of what the children and the parents pass through. Hendricks symbolizes the experience of children in case of marriage

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