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The New York City automated personnel systems were developed with an initial capital of around $ 66 million with the goal of creating a modernized system that will be able to manage and update personal data of the New York working force. Successful implementation of the NYCAPS saved the city millions per in IT and labor costs (MCELDERRY, n.p). The City Times helped in under serving the overtime payments to the city employees and making an improvement on accountability in the entire government. Both projects for NYCAPS and the city time project were of great importance to the Mayor Bloomberg for modernization of the innovative record handling for all employees of the local government. Much of the city million dollars and wasted time could have been saved after it was enacted. It manages the employee personal information and employee records for New York City. All information is managed by processing review and correcting information which takes less time from all local government facets. Moreover, it is capable of tracking data that concern, for instance, over time, the government workers and wages, median and other important information that is meant for budgeting. The projects suffered the implausible size to both of them. They had ambitions of bringing the city of New York into a technological era that may have risen fast and highly. The system to be developed was too complex where every employee in the government could have been involved. There was a lack of proficiency in all related levels for the project. This was observed where the interns were doing the duties of upper-level workers, a sign of inappropriate oversight on the management. There was no auditioning of

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