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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Males as Nurses Most people have a misconception that nursing is a profession for females. The assumption is that female nurses deliver quality services compared to the male counterparts in the profession. However, interaction with the male nurses portrays a different picture, and some are better nurses than females. Thus, the study seeks to justify the notion on the males as nurses. Many scholars have had a stake on the topic as shown. Adeyemi-Adelanwa, O., et al. "Attitudes of patients towards being cared for by male nurses in a Jamaican hospital." Applied Nursing Research 29 (2016): 140-143. Keywords: attitudes, nursing care, male nurses The journal is a cross-sectional study report that details the findings on the concepts of gender issues around the nursing care framework in the Jamaican culture. Key conclusions are that male nurses are compassionate and equipped with appropriate skills to provide patient-based clinical services. It is readily available in the library and shows the demands of cultural background on gender. Cheng, Mei-Li et al. "Lived Experiences of Novice Male Nurses in Taiwan." Journal of Transcultural Nursing (2016): 1043659616676318. Keywords: Male nurses, nursing experiences I chose the book because there are numerous examples of the male gender aspects of the nursing care practice environment. The author's main findings show that male nurses are better in coping with the workload in the health sector. They have an advantage in handling physical duty requirements. It is inclusive and accessible in the nursing websites besides the library. O'Connell, Christopher B. "Gender

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